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As part of the award winning pE-300 series, the NEW  Enhanced pE-300 white delivers DOUBLE the intensity at the microscope sample plane. It allows adjustment of output in 1% steps, giving precise control.  The broad spectrum covers everyday fluorophores: DAPI, CFP, Aqua, FITC, TRITC, TxRed, Cy5 and many more.   now ACT Label certified.

See the 300 and the rest of coolLED  range here

Our all new Asbestos soil sampling combination PLM/PCM microscope for both counting and identification  allows switching  from counting to identification with ease and accuracy.

The same high quality jas our PLM and PCM models …just more flexibility.

See the PLM/PCM here

These stainless steel Entoball’s are ideal for pinning samples at any desired angle for studying under a stereomicroscope. 3 sizes available.

See Entoball here

New Autofocus Camera from EUROMEX

1080p high definition video camera Real time images directly on screen.   HDMI output.

Built-in mouse-driven software

Save images and video to SD card

Stand-alone system

Calibrated measurements without computer

See Autofocus here

With 25 years in business, Microscopes Plus,an independent company, have  over 50 years combined experience plus the enthusiasm to help you get the best suited, best quality and best value microscope for your task.

Our wide range of Motic and Euromex microscopes , cameras and other specialist equipment allows you to choose with confidence, tried to tested products ideal for your work applications.

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Now into our 25th year

A big thank you to all our customers in

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for choosing our services and products

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And just some of our best sellers,, see more here

Live cell imaging in your incubator with this range  of Lumascope’s from Labtech.

High resolution, compact and affordable

Near diffraction-limited, zero pixel shift

Fluorescence, birghtfield, phase contrast

Microplates, flasks microfluidic chips

Image in your incubator

No AC power, uses USB

1900x1900 pixel, time lapse and live video

We have teamed up with Labtech International to bring you two exciting new product’s

Many physiological processes take place under flow. BioFlux allows you to introduce flow into your research / drug discovery, emulating in-vivo conditions and giving a closer understanding of what happens under physiological conditions.

The BioFlux 1000z is the ultimate customisable solution for in-vivo analysis under flow. Whether you are studying blood flow through vasculature, cancer cell circulation or biofilm formation, the BioFlux 1000 provides physiologically relevant conditions with walkaway automation.

Other configurations of the Bioflux are also available

Click here for more information and download

Click here for more information and download

Microscopes Plus are also offering

their own Motic promotion

Panthera L,

the fully connected imaging ‘smart’ scope

The ideal microscope for teaching and image sharing in today’s Laboratories, Universities and Colleges


Over the next three months, 3 different offers will be presented featuring the PANTHERA range.

The first of these is the Panthera U  bundled

their new S3 digital camera