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Euromex bSCOPE  series for fluorescence

Ideal microscope for routine laboratory use fluorescence microscopy

High quality, low cost scope for examination of fluorescence specimens

Plan or Plan Fluarex™ IOS objectives

4 LED  epi-illumination

Standard fluorescence filters B, G, V, UV

Binocular or Trinocular versions

Epi-illumination with 4 LED's for fluorescence excitation from 460 to 470 nm (blue), 520 to 530 nm (green), 390 to 400 (violet) and 360 to 370 nm (ultraviolet).

 The Fluarex objectives are suitable for fluorescence excitation in the violet and ultraviolet region 4 NeoLED™ fluorescence:

Also available with single fluorescence cube of choice

Models start from £2,999.00