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Sales, service and repair - we have you covered for all situations

Ask us for a quotation.  

Just tell us the make/model of microscope,

what the problem is and your location.   

We’ll do the rest

Repair and Service

Researchers, analysts and clinicians all depend on their microscopes to perform reliably day in and day out.

If one of these delicate instruments isn’t working, then neither are they!

Many organisations rely on us for a repair and maintenance service that is flexible, reliable with fast response and at very reasonable pricing.

All makes of light microscope serviced (depending on fault and spare part availability)

Try us, you might be surprised and delighted at the result.

Importantly, we don’t hold you to a contract.  We contact you yearly  to remind you that a service is due.  Its up to you if you decide to use our services again, most do!

Quality Guarantee

With an accumulated 60 years experience in microscopy we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to keep your equipment working at its peak.  We know you’ll be happy with our work ...we guarantee it!

What we do

Routine preventive maintenance, service and repair  work


Upgrades (digital cameras, optics, illumination and more)

Lamps and other accessories for all  types of scopes


Depending on their use, microscopes should receive routine service once or twice a year.

We can manage this periodic maintenance for you  and we'll perform the following schedule:

Pre-clean, function test & inspection

Strip microscope down and check all major parts

Cleaning of all optical surfaces  

Lubrication of moving parts (where applicable)

Adjustments and realignments (where necessary)

Cleaning of all external surfaces

Reassemble and set up ready for use

Minor repairs which can be fixed on site done at no extra charge. (Major repairs made after discussion with customer).

Drop off or Ship

If you can deliver the scope to us it could be faster than us coming out to you and cheaper too (no travel costs).

Emergency Repairs

If you can get the microscope to us we aim to repair it within 48 hours (subject to the fault and not requiring spare parts).

If you need us to come on site to repair, install or calibrate we can do that too.

Or try our Moving Service

We can help you move your microscopes too.

We carefully pack them and then set them up again at your new location.   You won’t lose valuable time or sleep from your equipment being out of service.