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Refractometers are use for a wide variety of analyses like measuring the sugar concentration (Brix) in products like honey, fruit juices and energy drinks. They are also used to determine concentration of oils, fats or measuring the refraction-index of anti-frost solutions, battery acid or water-oil emulsions

Euromex refractometers are calibrated at 20° Celsius. Most refractomters are equipped with an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC

Handheld refractometer - Battery acid and Coolant:

For testing water-soluble coolants and battery acid solutions

Handheld refractometer - Sugar concentration

Concentrations of sugar in marmalades, fruits, honey, syrups, wine and monitoring of oil emulsions

Handheld refractometers - Alcohol and alcohol-sugar solutions :

Sugar concentration, % alcohol and alcohol/sugar solutions


Handheld refractometers - Sugar and salt:

Substance indentification of sugar and salt concentration

Handheld refractometer - Clinical applications:

For measuring clinical applications as Serum Protein (g/dl), Specific Gravity of Urine (sg) and Refractive Index

Handheld refractometer (digital)

Sugar concentration in juices

A focused light beam of a LED source is reflected by the substance on a linear array of photo diodes. The refractometer correlate the position of the light beam on the array of photo diodes to refractive index or to another unit of measure related to the substance under observation

The value can be read from a digital LCD display and is equipped with an Automatic Temperature Correction (ATC)

Concentrations of grapes and fruit

Units in Brix, °Oe (Oechsle) and °KMW

Concentrations of sugar, nD indices (only for sugar)

Units in Brix and Refractive Index

The Abbe laboratory refractometer is a bench-top instrument for high-precision measurements of an index of refraction. The Abbe refractometer is also suitable for determination of the refractive index of solid samples, such as glass, plastics, and polymer films.

The instrument is equipped with a built-in thermometer and water connection to control fluid temperatures. Equipped with a Brix and a Refraction Index (RI) scale and supplied with a test plate

Gemological refractometer

Gemology or gemmology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy. Some jewelers are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems and as such are the key instruments for research in gemological laboratories. Gemstones can be examined using the optical principles on which these refractometers are based.