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MARCH 2018  2017

MSHOT fluorescence illumination with built in with colour LEDs is designed to upgrade traditional microscopes to fluorescence microscope in a easy and cost effective way.


MF-LED series LED fluorescence illumination features with built-in colour LEDs as light source. Providing user friendly fluorescence microscope upgrade solution for microscope end users. By the modular fluorescence illumination you can easily upgrade a traditional infinity upright biological microscope to fluorescence functional. Its super optical compatibility supports many popular laboratory microscopes such as Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss and Motic.

WHO pointed LED fluorescence microscope as the most suitable microscope for quick TB diagnostic in the year of 2010. It makes fluorescence illumination in LED light source widely used in clinical application especially for immunofluorescence (IFA). The high-efficiency , modular and energy-saving LED attachment can make a basic simple microscope into a high efficiency epi fluorescence microscope with easy operating and long working life


Fluorescence illumination MF-BG-LED is special designed for conventional infinity optical system biological microscope upgrade to epi fluorescent microscope. The fluorescent illuminator combines two excitation groups in one module to provide more fluorescent wavelength choice for customers.  Also due to the use of LED lamps as light source, the whole illumination is brighter, more convenient, user friendly and cost effective compared with mercury fluorescent illumination.


The MZX series accept three or four excitation cubes for maximum flexibility  in multi discipline laboratories.

Matched microscopes for above MF and MF-BG units

    Olympus CX22, CX23, CX31,CX41,BX43,etc

    Nikon E100, E200, Eclipse, etc

    Leica DM500, DM700

    Zeiss PrimoStar

    Motic BA210, BA310

Others scopes can be matched : details on application