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Wide range of bulbs and lamps for new and not so new microscopes, light sources, (cold light, ringlight, traditional)


A full range of  graticules, stage micrometers and measuring scales from Pyser/Graticule's.

If they don’t make it, let then them know what you need and they will!!


Aluminium cases

We started using these for our  Asbestos Analysis scopes but  now  sell them as a made to measure product for our customers for a wide range of models.


These great cabinet enclosures from Solotec for diverse applications including weighing and containment for asbestos fibre sorting are now available through us…

Great equipment ,and even better pricing


Our speciality Asbestos series now has a new addition.

The Waysafe 2 cabinet from Solotec designed for

fibre inspection.

Great product, great price and small footprint.


Heated Stage

Keeps heat reliant biological samples at 37. Ideal for semen analysis for Clinical, Andrology and Vet  use.  


Anti vibration platform’s and stations are the perfect solution to vibration free viewing especially for older buildings and labs subject to vibration  such as mechanical or electrical motors etc.


Entoball's are the ideal solution for pinning samples at any angle to be viewed and documented easily and efficiently.   

3 sizes available.