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MOTIC BA ‘Elite’ series

Brand new fully featured high quality microscope series from Motic, who are often referred to as the fifth big microscope company, and with the range and build quality they have you, can understand why.


Binocular and trinocular head microscopes with infinity corrected objectives, rackless stages and halogen/LED illumination interchangeability.  

Ideal as a step up as it allows additional objectives, polarising filters, phase contrast outfits and darkfield condensers to be added.


Motic BA310Elite

Configurable for most laboratory disciplines

Binocular and trinocular head versions, Rackless stage

Halogen/LED illumination interchangeability.  

High Quality optics for most applications  

Phase contrast, darkfield and simple polarising applications and dedicated LED fluorescence versions plus a wide range of optics and accessories for most routine laboratory applications.

Dual viewing systems. (face to face or side by side)

Koehler illumination (halogen or LED)


MOTIC BA410Elite

The clever microscope…

For more demanding laboratory work, the all new BA410Elite  gives trouble free use and high quality imaging.

Includes ergonomic heads, multi -head teaching  (2, 3 and 4 tutorial heads)  plus fluorescence version.

Rackless stage  

Higher quality optic range and new Apochromats

Plus lots of new features for ease of use …


Euromex  BioBlue LAB

Ideal routine microscope for smaller labs that still need a reliable and good quality microscope.

LED illumination, plan optics (Brightfield and phase contrast versions)  and good mechanical performance.   


MOTIC  AE2000 & AE31

inverted laboratory microscopes

Two microscopes perfect for  tissue culture, biological or life sciences use.

Brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence versions available.