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MARCH 2024

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Motic BA310MET

Now Industrial quality control can be performed for all opaque materials like minerals and metal samples with ease and efficiency. The BA310MET also performs well in educational environments for engineering and material professions, where affordability and ease-of-use are key demands.

Daily industrial work environments need a reliable microscope which focuses on ease of use as well as on work efficiency. Motic has paid careful attention to these market requirements in order to optimise the BA310MET’s features.

The Epi-Illuminator with 12V/50W Halogen illumination offers a powerful and adjustable light source ideal for all reflective samples. For increase illumination options, an easy replacement of the halogen bulb is possible by an LED module of different colour temperatures (4500K or 6000K).    A built-in field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm help to optimise image quality by reducing stray light and increasing contrast.

Also Motic's new Long-Working Distance Plan Achromatic objectives for Incident light provide optimal image contrast through a multi-layer lens coating. Together with a fully corrected tube lens an intermediate image without colour fringes is created, making digital images as clean and crisp as those seen through the eyepieces. Depending on the chosen model,  a hard coated and chemical resistant stage with a minimum of 75x50mm travel range is offered. Depending on the application, larger stages with extended travel are available, as well as stage options for Transmitted light usage.

The  BA-310MET-H model is a modular inspection and analysis system for electronic components attachable to user machine or can be used independently. For wider application, polarizing observation is available. Superb image quality and erect images provide easy and quick detection of faults on the observed specimen. The system supports all imaging systems from CCD cameras to digital SLR.  

The BA310MET-H setup for extremely large samples and maximum handling freedom carries a 180x140mm stage with a travel range of 100x80mm. This models is dedicated to bulky samples.

The Epi-Illuminator here is combined with a focusing block of 30mm focusing range and 2 microns minimum increment.