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This range of platforms and stations from Speirs Robertson take a lot of betting for quality, performance and value.

From platforms to take single microscopes and other analytical equipment through to workstations for complete solutions this range cover all eventualities.

Typical applications include:

Life Science:

Confocal laser microscopy :   

electrophysiology (patch clamping):

time lapse microscopy:

stem cell research

atomic force microscopy: spectrometry (FTIR etc.) fluorescence microscopy


IVF, micro-weighing (eg: analytical balances in laminar flow cabinets)  

cancer research (cell microscopy etc)                 

cell imaging,

drug testing (using balances)




semiconductor bond and wafer testing

microhardness testing


surface profiling (contact and non-contact)

thermal analysis,

Ultra-sensitive and high load applications

Hi-Spec and AMH

Hi-Spec 1Hz isolators have an ultra low frequency and provide the best isolation and versions are available for loads as high as 2000Kgs (4 off legs).

They are available as Hi-Spec stand-alone rounds legs or AMH tables, where isolators are built into a heavy-duty frame with 12x12cm box section steel legs.

These are ideal for heavy instruments such as electron microscopes, NMR imagers, optical tables and heavy measuring instruments.

Typical applications include

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

electron microscopy

photonics (optical tables with lasers etc)

CTP (computer to print machines)

co-ordinate measuring machines

They do so  much more than we can show  here - take a look at their website or contact us for further information.

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These are just some of the platforms and stations we can provide.   See brochures for more details or call us.