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METAL HALIDE light source

This new HYPER S300 fluorescence light source from YODN LIGHTING CORP is an ideal substitute for conventional HBO lamps and excels in viewing hours.

An excellent replacement for older microscopes, and newer ones, that have a wideband filter where LED sometimes struggles to cover the bandwidth.

YODN are also a lamp manufacturer and they have cleverly boosted the working life of their Metal Halide lamp to give 3,000 hours life as against a conventional HBO lamp’s 200 hours, saving on time and cost.

The bulb is pre-aligned,  so there’s no set up centring or hassle involved, leaving you free to just switch on and work.

The stand-alone unit connects to the microscope via a light fiber cable and adapters for Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leitz are readily available*.

Coupled with a low photobleaching rate to increase the life of your sample, full fluorescence spectrum for all applications and a warm up period of 90 seconds, life’s about to  get a lot easy in the lab.

*Adapters for other  microscopes will follow