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Materials Microscopes

MOTIC BA310MET series

Three distinct material microscopes aimed at delivering best results for inspection and quality control for all opaque materials, minerals and metal samples with ease and efficiency. The upright microscopes, BA310MET incident light version, the BA310MET-T model, with additional transmitted light  and the BA310MET-H, a highly versatile Industrial materials microscope on height adjustable stand with large base for large or bulky samples.


Motic AE2000MET

New inverted materials microscope with Brightfield and darkfield objectives, polarising capability and 50w or 100w illumination options



A well received polarising scope from Motic.  The build quality on this instrument is on a par with any of the ‘’big four’ but at a fraction of the cost.

Fully configured polarising microscope for demanding geological or materials work. Can also be supplied with as an incident and transmitted light version.


Also see our range of stereomicroscope’s for inspection, QA, testing, and assembly  applications available in many forms and configurations