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MOTICAM CMOS (the new range)

The Moticam 1 and 1SP are ideal for schools or small laboratories.  With live resolution of 800x600 or 1.3MP use these cameras with Interactive White Boards for integrated teaching.  Ideal and affordable start into digital microscopy.

The Moticam 2 and 3+ offer a great combination of resolution live imaging, (up to 3MP), while still remaining fast and affordable. Colleges, universities, clinics and veterinary

Need documentation?  The Moticam  5+ and 10+ offer up to 10MP live and capture resolution.  With the high resolution range, you can easily and professionally convert captured images into 300dpi documentation files.  All Moticams, including the 5+ and 10+ contain ‘Rapid View’ algorithms allowing the user to display faster frame rate at full screen whilst still able to capture an image at maximum resolution

And some special versions too

As an affordable multi-tasking microscopy camera, the

Moticam 1080 is in a class of its own.  

This camera does not require a computer for standard operation once it has been set up on a microscope.  Images can be captured directly to a SD card at both 2MP and 8Mp.

USB3 capability making it even faster to download your images in real time

The  Moticam X, with built in WiFi making it idea for use on the move with Laptops and Pads too.  And using the free ‘App’ download also lets you use it for imaging and basic measurement on your android or iPhone.

And now the newly released Moticam X3 model with 4MP and both WiFi (2.4 or 5 Ghz) and ethernet  (RJ45) connection to allow more users to be connected


Motic’s new  Images Plus 3.0 the multi language image analysis software is your entry ticket to the digital world of microscopy.

Many years ago this software was introduced as a 'basic' software for image capture  and storing them.  Now Motic  Images Plus 2.0 is far from basic!.  With the help of many moticam users  it has become a highly sophisticated image analysis software package with the following main functions, measuring, particle counting, capture.

Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10, plus Mac and Linux

Additionally software programs from Motic are available,  see brochure for details and functions

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