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Measuring Magnifiers


Portable Measuring Microscopes and

Measuring Scales from GRATICULES OPTIC


A range of hand-held magnifiers for measurement and inspection.  Their robust construction, flat field and all glass optics, make them ideal aids for those concerned with inspection, quality control, drafting, photography, map making, electronics etc.  The clear base allows ample light to fall on the specimen surface being measured, and the eye lens can be focused. to give the sharpest image.

Interchangeable graticules can be fitted in the base ring to suit the measurement purpose.  

Ideal for, amongst others:

Examination of printed circuit boards,

Checking of defects on finished parts

Measurement of print lines and characters


If you need a simple and accurate scale for performing measurements on flat objects then the Pyser Inspecta Magnified Measuring Scales are the ideal solution. Ranging in length from 150mm to 600mm and in imperial versions too, these scales offer unrivalled quality and precision. Little or no training is required before operators can perform measuring tasks on-line or in the laboratory. With no electrical parts, all glass optics for the best possible definition, the scales are precision divided and applied using a chrome deposition technique for durability and, unusually,  fully serviceable.

Typical measurement  applications:

 Printing, Packaging, Artwork, Maps, PCB Manufacture

Industrial/Commercial Photography,Navigation Chart