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From MOTIC, the all new PANTHERA Biological range with many advanced features and newly designed optics.

Consisting of a series of  microscopes, covering  a range of use from Student to Clinician.

The Panthera Series has been carefully designed keeping in mind Form & Functionality.


The components chosen for the Panthera Series have been analysed down to the last detail to find the perfect design in terms of practicality and aesthetics.  

The new Plan UC objectives stand out for its ultra-high contrast and very flat Field of View, which together with the UC Widefield Eyepieces brings you bright, detailed and sharp images for new insights.

Panthera’s light management system stands out for its automation. The digital intensity knob teams up with the coded LED nosepiece and the illuminator to offer you information about the light intensity, or the microscope’s mode, as well as memorizing the light intensity  of each objective.

Panthera L and DL are literally the Smart Microscopes and are our personal favourite for its range of connection ability.

It stands out for its unseen combination of build-in Digital Capabilities. Its Smart CAM digital head and the Imaging-On-Device System simplifies your daily work, allowing you to work directly from your microscope to an HDMI screen with the help of a mouse, or work with your tablet and the Panthera App. The LAN port offers you the option of running a DigiClass*, or remote image sharing.]

*Built-in WiFi* can be connected to smartphones, laptops and  pads using Motics free app.

PANTHERA E and E2 models with new UC optics are no less as adaptable or usable than the rest of the Panthera series but offer very good value for users with lower budgets.

Panthera C and CC are the models for the traditional Microscope user. With both binocular and trinocular versions its a classical all-rounder with UC optic and  both Halogen and LED Full Kohler illumination with manual light management.

Panthera U is a University model, with “Motic Light Tracer” digital illumination control and Premium Plan UC optics for University Teaching.

It has a 3W LED illumination easily interchangeable with different colour temperature LED bulbs, and a newly designed 2-slide compact rackless stage.