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We can offer a range of phase contrast equipped microscopes for most disciplines.

From Veterinary  to Clinical use the range includes versions for semen analysis*, asbestos analysis plus an inverted for tissue culture.

* a heated stage is available

Euromex BioBlue LAB

Ideal for small laboratories, vets low usage applications the BioBlue LAB is a low cost, good quality system.

The bright NeoLED illumination takes the strain out of viewing and the controls are just where you need them.

10x, 20x, 40x and 100x Plan IOS optics are available for either binocular or trinocular version


Motic BA310E

We have many clients using our flagship BA310E for Asbestos Analysis, Andrology, GUM, Equine and other animal semen testing, and in fact any unstained section.

The BA310E takes on all workloads and is the professional choice.  

Select to use 10x, 20x and 40x phase optics using the phase slider system or all add the 100x with the turret condenser.

With  bright, clear sharp images the BA310E is easy to set up and use.


Motic AE2000

With Long working distance optics, excellent illumination and ergonomic controls, the AE2000 makes tissue culture work easy.

Setting up is child's play and the little extras like the sensor to detect  the the operator has left that shuts the light off are a bonus for the forgetful, and saves on bulb life too.

With a full range of accessories its the ideal scope for routine work.



Well priced and great optics and mechanics the iScope is relatively new to the Euromex and range and has some interesting features including a tilting head and (optional) ceramic coated stage, extra bright 3W LED (neoLED) illumination and a wide accessory range.




BioBlue LAB