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For the study and analysis of Live Blood our new, dedicated LBA microscope from Euromex is hard to beat for specification, performance and cost.

Ergonomic stand with well placed controls and intuitive set up allows the user to focus on the diagnosis not the microscope!

The special high NA ‘darkfield condenser uses indirect illumination to enable observation of the structure in transparent and/or low contrast against a dark background.

This makes the LBA ideally suited to viewing the red blood corpuscles to observe changes in shape or function which can give indications of possible pathological diseases

It’s also ideal for samples such as oil emulsions which cannot be stained or easily seen in bright light for checking consistency, size and clarity.

In order to see the amount of detail required a high quality 100x objective with a built-in iris diaphragm is used, this gives the viewer a total magnification of 1000x and the diaphragm allows increased contrast, gives a dark background and resolves detail in the sample.

To make observation even easier the high NA  condenser has built-in 5W LED illumination giving the equivalent of 150w light directly onto the specimen with no heat  given off, (essential for live specimens).

4x,10x & 40x objectives are also supplied for use in brightfield illumination.   A trinocular fitting and CCD mount is included to enable use with the Euromex HDMI camera


As an affordable multi-tasking microscopy camera, the Euromex HDMI is in a class of its own.  

This camera does not require a computer for standard operation once it has been set up on a microscope.  Images can be captured directly onto a SD card at 6MP.  

Connecting it with a to a computer via a USB cable allows the camera to be used like any other digital camera with the supplied software.  

On screen camera menu is operated via connected mouse making it easy  and simple to use


The true versatility is underlined by its capability to display live images at 1080p resolution through the HDMI output port.